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I'm going to be leaving the job that I currently do, as a product photographer for a Crystal and Fossil business. If anyone is interested, or knows anyone who would be interested, please let me know. You won't find the job ad online for a few days, cause nothing is official yet, however I think that this might be a good opportunity for someone, for the right someone anyway.

More details: (and I'm going to be brutally honest here. you won't get this when I post the official job ad :P)
- Must live within commuting range of Birmingham, UK. (I currently work from home. I think you would have the possibility to do the same eventually, however for the first few months you would have to commute and work in the shop/store room. (my employer is blind, so is forced to place a huge amount of trust in whoever replaces me, obviously you need to earn that trust by proving that A; you're not a thief. B. you can work under your own steam and get the work done. C. you're reliable, turn up when you say you will, do the work that you say you will, etc etc.)) 
- Knowledge of photoshop and photography is a must (having own copy of Photoshop would be preferable, as well as own equipment, however he does have a camera and lighting that you can use if you have nothing.) However, you don't need to have any degrees or qualifications in photography, I didn't.. So I really believe this is a good stepping stone for anyone who needs the experience but is struggling to find work anywhere else. 
- It is a part time position. I would not recommend this job to anyone who is relying on it as a sole income. I was working two part time jobs quite happily with this one, the hours are very flexible.
- Must like dogs. He's got two dogs, and there's a puppy as well that's there a lot. They're friendly enough when they get to know you but they can act a little territorial at first so can be frightening to people who are unsure of dogs. Honestly, just stand your ground and ignore them and they'll be fine, after they get to know you they'll jump all over you and lick you in greeting so you'll have to be ok with that. 
- Must be willing to do odd random jobs. This can be a very varied position. Hopefully you'll love problem solving and take this as a challenge.
- Must be technically savvy. Seriously. No one else is so you'll have to work closely with the web admin and be able to do everything to do with computers. 
- the pay is £8 an hour, 25 hours a week (although you could probably work a few less if you wanted to) and you get paid weekly. you'd need to be comfortable doing all the invoices and paperwork for this, I've already got templates and I'd be giving you all the training you need.

Email me at if you want more details. I will go into depth about stuff and what it's like to work there, and be brutally honest. This isn't the best job in the world, (no job is), its got its ups and downs, but if you've had no experience working with photography or anything like that, and want it on your CV, it's a good start, and if you like having varied days it's good for that at times. 
As I say, it's got its perks, and it's got its downsides. But if you're into photography and want more experience and have none other than what you've done as a hobby. this might work for you.

For those interested, I'm leaving because I want full time work, and I've found another position in a different field for something I'll really enjoy. :) I've moved out of the area completely too, this job really fitted for me when I was living in the Midlands, but it doesn't anymore.

As I say, any questions, shoot :)

I'm posting this on here because I think there's more chance of finding someone who is the right fit on here (someone who is interested in photography but perhaps a bit of a novice even (and thats ok) as opposed to when i have to post it as a job ad.. *shrugs* I shall soon find out! mwhahahahaha


Hey guys, now that I'm back, who is new and awesome in the stock world? Been browsing a little, when I've had a spare moment, but I've only found a couple of people to stalk, and this is mainly from stock groups that I'm in. So I figured I'd pick your brains. Cause why not? :P 
I'm mulling around ideas for some paintings, and hoarding up stock I like, like precious loot. ARR! Me hearties!!

and.. oh my... i forgot how disturbing browsing the Newest section of model stock can be. 0_0
Just so you know, I am currently having an argument with all of the birds in my area.
One - they are landing on my fence whenever I've put my camera away, and leaving by the time I've grabbed it.
Two - they take off on the wrong side of the fence, downwards, towards the stream, so i can't get a shot of them flying.
Three - they like to congregate on the roof opposite, slightly too far for my lens. 
Four - they are mocking me. Especially the ravens. They were definitely mocking me last night. They would not stop quorking.
Five - they know. They know I want shots of them in flight and are determined to foil this plan.

On the plus side. I refuse to give up. XD and as soon as I'm done with the backlog of messages in my inbox (hey i'm down from over 2000 to 185 now) i shall have some good stocks for you guys.
I need to share this with people who will understand my pain - drawing babies is hard. It's very inconsiderate of them.. and my brain wants to draw people like it draw adults, which if i left it to its own devices would wind up with a creepy looking baby with an old face. 0_0

In other news... I have no new news. I'm just nearing the point where I need to draw baby number 2 and I'm not happy about it. XD
(uh, to put this in context, it's my Uncles 60th.... well i cant remember when but I'm seeing him tomorrow and as a gift I'm drawing each of his four grandkids, my little cousins.. much babyface. also.. much procrastination and very short deadline XD)
Going to be having a little gallery clear out over the next few days. Just wanted to warn you guys in case you've bookmarked something to use but haven't downloaded it yet.
Now me and my camera are going on an adventure!
Just a reminder guys, if you need to get in touch with me about commercial use, email me at 

This is the first time in many, many moons that I've had a chance to get on here and reply to a few things. I'm feeling really guilty about it. D:

Keep creating and keep on being awesome guys! x


Claire Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
"In my dreams I come face to face with myriad reflections of myself, all unknown and passing strange. They speak unending in languages not my own and walk with companions I have never met, in places my steps have never gone."

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used your stock for reference
sparklingtiki Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
garf600 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Thanx:hug: for the :+fav: on We all wear Masks :woohoo:
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I created a work using your stock image.  Grazie and please let me know if you would like a copy of the work.  :)  L'azzurro della Luna by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A
TheFantaSim Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016   General Artist
This is the second time I've used this stock; first time was a portrait version.  :D

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JasuminNisshoku Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Student General Artist
Your pictures of crowns helps me a lot, I tried to find some pictures of black birds via google but yours are much better xD I really need to learn how to draw birds like this and these pictures are really very helpful for that xD Thank you very much ^w^
Tasastock Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks :D im so glad you like and that they'll be useful ^^ 

im trying to get a shot of blackbirds actually.. just transferred a load of pics of one onto my comp to sort through :) now that my other half has built us a bird table, that's attracting more small birds. as soon as it was put up and we put food out we had starlings and blackbirds come to it. hopefully i'll get some more shots to share :D :hug:
KDizzle90 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fav! :hug:
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I'm tardy with my thanks but much appreciate your fav. :iconthnxplz:
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